Earthquake in Iran and Pakistan Boarder

earthquake in Iran and pakisthan

A powerful Earthquake occurred at Iran yesterday and it also felt at Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Hundreds of people were victimized in this earthquake. In Pakistan border, 85Km away from hash Nagar in the south west region of Iran very powerful earthquake occurred yesterday evening at 3.45pm. It occurred 80 Km in depth of the earth and recorded as 7.8 on the Richter scale. Many building are damaged in various cities. Including children and women 40 peoples were victimized.

The earthquake centered in Iran felt in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Dubai. It caused more damage to Pakistan. Especially Balochisthan District is completely smashed. The Kharan and panjgur districts are highly affected by the earthquake. The death rate was 34 and more than 150 were injured. Thousands of houses and buildings were destroyed there.

Tremors shake felt in the northern parts of India. It also felt in Ahmedabad of Gujarat which was highly affected by 2001 earthquake. It caused vibration at Haryana, Kurgan and Noida regions of India. The earthquake caused fear among many countries. The death rate of the earthquake is estimated as 100.

The Pakistan President and Prime Minister said their condolence to the affected people of Pakistan and Iran. Indian Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh also expressed his condolence. America said required help will be provided to the earthquake affected People of India, Iran and Pakistan.

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