Earthquake Near Afghanistan-Tajikistan Border Sends Tremors to North-India

NEWDELHI, DEC 26: Earthquake of 6.2 magnitudes struck near the Afghanistan – Tajikistan border, around 12.44 a.m.

According to US Geological survey the Earthquake hit at a depth of 230.5 Km and had its epicenter 280 Km northeast of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Following this quake tremors were felt in various parts of North India. The places like Chandigarh, Srinagar, Jaipur, Delhi and the National capital Region were reported for tremors.

But the police officials of Delhi said there is no report of casualties or damage so far in their Tweet.

#Earthquake Tremors in Delhi. NO PCR call of any
damage or casualty has been reported
so far in Delhi.

Madhur Varma
December 25, 2015.

Earthquake in Afghan and Delhi

Lahore and Islamabad in Pakistan and Kabul in Afghanistan are also hit by tremors, says report. In Lahore, the Capital of Pakistan, the buildings swayed due to the quake, according to an AFP journalist. Afghanistan is facing Earthquake continuously. In October 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit Pakistan and Afghanistan killing nearly 400 people.

People keep tweeting ever since the quake started.

And now it’s again… strong earthquake felt
In Delhi NCR…

Sumit Kumar Paul
December 25, 2015.

Just felt tremors!
Earthquake hits Delhi again.

Tufail Abbas

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