England Queen Elizabeth Getting Well

Queen elizabeth was hospitalized two days back due to the ill-health. She was suffering from the abdominal pain for last few days and taking treatment in KING EDWARD 7 hospital. Doctors who treat the queen say, she is getting well soon. There is lot of improvement in her health.

England Queen Elizabeth Getting Well

Currently guests are not allowed to see the queen. 86 year old Queen Elizabeth is well co-operating and quite enthusiastic after admitted in hospital says the King Edward 7 doctors. Queen’s Assistants believe that in this due course of time queen will get enough rest to get well soon.

It is said that, because of the queen’s hospitalization, Rome trip and her official works will be postponed or cancelled. The doctors say, the wrong food consumption is the reason for the queen’s abdominal pain. Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron wishes the queen Elizabeth for the speedy recovery in the SNS twitter.

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