Film L.I.C explains the father – son relationship

L.I.C (Life is Colorful) is explaining the relationship between Father and Son.

The film is directed by S.S Kumaran. He got introduced as a music director in the film “Kalavani”. Next he did music for the film “Poo” and it was a hit film for him. Later he did music for some movies, but all those were not successful movies for him.

However he got into film direction. His 2 films “Theneer vidudhi” and “kerala naatilam pengaludane” were not successful! Now he is directing L.I.C (Life is Colorful) with all new faces.

The shooting of the film “Life is Colorful” is planned at Theni, Coimbatore and Erode.

Tamil Movie Stills Keralam Naatilam Pengaludane

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