Gang arrested for making fake credit card

Police arrested 7 member gang who indulged in the making of fake-credit cards. More the 6 ½ crore were illegally earned by the gang by doing fake-credit cards. This happened in the places like Madurai, Dindigul, Tirunelveli.

Gang arrested for making fake credit card

The reputed jewelry entrepreneur complained the police, that using fake credit cards 2 persons purchased gold jewelry from their shop. On this basis, those 2 people were identified using the surveillance camera present in the shop. The police arrested the frauds.

While on investigation the police got the information that 7 member gang were doing these fake-credit cards. From the culprit gang police seized 147 pound gold jewelry, LCD Tv, two-wheeler and 4-wheeler vehicles. Police are searching for other 3 people involved in this incident.

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