Has Mahinda Rajapaksa Got Cancer?

rajapakse got severe cancer

Mahinda Rajapakse Has got Cancer

The “Srilanka Guardian” website says this in a topic “God has spoken – Who said there is no God” published on February 03, 2011.

Though this shocking but a little known news on web already comes around in discussion forums about Rajapaksa’s recent visits to hospitals and foreign countries without any prior official agenda, the recently published news in a well-known media adds more weight to the topic. However, the article is covered up with eternal emotions of cruelly affected Tamils which is the worst of its happening in this century.

The content starts with these following lines that is appropriate to all Tamils in a contemporary stand where we are today-

Suffering produces endurance
Endurance produces stamina
Stamina produces Courage
Courage produces Character
Character produces Faith
Faith produces Hope
Hope produces believe
Believe produces Excellence.

The article about the Srilankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s recent health secrets starts with doubtful assurance that he has got cancer and is undergoing treatment at various levels. Though there is no clear evidence about this, there are a few ‘important’ unanswered question remains silent assuring his health issue.

In the SrilankaGuardian website, it elaborates this topic adding up that during the intense phase of war that licked million liters of innocent Tamil’s blood in a short span of arrogance, India had provided Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) that brought live of the incidents of killing of thousand and thousands of Tamil innocents being killed at the “war front” (as per Srilanka’s claim which actually were all civilians livinghood) for no reasons but they are Tamils. Rajapaksa got entertained by seeing all these atrocities by his army.

After the bloodstained Eelam War IV, the Tamils have their FAITH as the only weapon to punish the war criminals and no legal approaches have done even a little to bring out the reality.

The article says, “….Prabaharan perished with his people, but why don’t you ask for forgiveness for your sins, we are not asking for your blood. We will not we are Tamils. Remember that the future generations of Singhalese are going to pay the price. That is the law of the universe. It is message to Sonia Gandhi and India, Ho Jin Tao and China that they two have sins to repent for. There is no easy way out. Penance has to be paid. What can the Tamils who through their naivety, innocence and sometimes ignorance supported war crimes and genocide can do, they should serve the community in some way they can, but don’t leave it for your future generation. What I say my sound philosophical but life is philosophy, if you don’t make it then you will suffer it. What can Gothabaya, Mervyn Silva, Karuna and Douglas do, well you have to wait for your turn to pay for your sins. You time will come and it will come…”

Diaspora Tamils and Tamil people from across the world have been fighting for their sovereign independent Tamil Nation of their own to live a peaceful life. Unlike the past, the Eelam War IV has triggered the aspiration of Independent Nation strongly in all their souls for which more than 100,000 soldiers have already sacrificed.

The complete article can be accessed from here that says, Going around the world telling that the LTTE killed Tamils will not do, for no one believes that and besides LTTE may also means Lifting Tamil Tide Everywhere, what is wrong with that? : http://www.srilankaguardian.org/2011/02/god-has-spoken-who-said-there-is-no-god.html

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2 Replies to “Has Mahinda Rajapaksa Got Cancer?”

  1. BHUPATHI says:

    He must die violently for his sins.I may beleive in any god only then.

    1. Krystal says:

      This is way bteter than a brick & mortar establishment.

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