Helicopter Corruption Issue strengthening, to collect documents CBI going to Italy

CBI travelling to Italy, Officials collcted details in helicopter issue

In Helicopter Corruption issue, to collect documents related to it, CBI committee is going to Italy today. It was said that, the CBI committee with the help of local Advocate, will gather information about the Indians involved in this issue.
A report stated, the intermediate agent Keedo Haaska of Italy who concern in this issue erased all information from his computer. But the officials redeem the information from his computer and grabbed most important documents from his Mother’s home.
The meeting of Indian officials, the transactions with Finmeccanica group and Helicopter procuring agreement related, all details were extorted.
All this will be used as main records in the investigation going on, in Italian court. In agreement for getting 12 Helicopters to India, complain aroused that 362 crores was given as bribe.

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