Hosni Mubarak likely to be Released Today: Court Ordered

Following the release order by court, former President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt likely to be released today.
From the Government newspaper Al-Ahram company, Hosni Mubarak has received 11 Million Dollar as bribe. Due to this case, he was arrested.

After investigating this case, Cairo court has ordered to release Mubarak. As allegations on him has no proof and explaining his age, judge has ordered to release Mubarak.

After this order, Mubarak has been released from prison. However, immediately Egypt’s Government radio has passed the information that Mubarak is kept under house arrest.

 Hosni Mubarak likely to be Released Today: Court Ordered

As Mubarak is not yet released, there is a expectation that protesters will start entering into violent attacks in Egypt.

Public stated that there is a big change again for the Army to take precise decision. For the past 30 years, 85 year old Hosni Mubarak was the President of Egypt.

From the year 2010 only he has been removed from the rule after strong protestations of the public. After that, these 3 years Mubarak was kept in the prison for various issues.

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