Then House Maid, but Now Beauty Queen: Janicel Lubina

Once she was a servant maid doing household chores but now she has been honoured as beauty queen. Janicel Lubina is the one who has been crowned as the beauty queen from Philippines.

One of the backward province in Philippines, Palawan is the place where Janicel lived. Her mother was a housemaid, with with whom Janicel Lubina used to go and come everyday working as servant maid. She was very young then.

Though their family was starving in poverty, Janicel grew up better staying with her mother.

Janicel is 6ft-tall beauty queen. Has black and shiny hair, silky body and good physique. It was her luck that she was seen by a makeup artist. She was then brought from the dusty streets of her town to become this popular where she is now. Lubina has become a model artist.

Janicel Lubina from Philippines

Beauty Queen from Philippines: Janicel Lubina

Now, almost everyone in Philippines know her name; Janicel Lubina. She was elected from Philippines for Miss Universe competition in 2013 representing her country. From then she is one of the best model in the country and is best actress as well. She thanks the Miss Universe team and other beauty pageants for conducting such events. It was only these events she is able to live such a wonderful life of today.

When she remembered her past, she said, “My mum had been a servant maid. I too have worked along with my mum. I have cleaned up a whole floor of a building.”

“My house owner has asked me to clean the same floor again saying I didn’t do it properly. I too had done that” she remembered her past – the beauty queen of today who was once a servant maid.

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