How to save nature |Importance and Precautions

The earth is not only belongs to human being, but No other living species is damaging Earth as like human. The earth gives all its natural resource for the life of human, but people does not showing his responsibility on environment. In those days people lived with nature, in each and every aspects of life he depended on nature. The herbal treatment pursued by people had no side effects. They consumed naturally available fruits and vegetables.

Slowly they learn to leave a modern life from the nature itself, after modernization of world people started to forget the benefits obtained from earth, selfish men destroying the nature. It occupied 3/4th of the world and rest is occupied by Human being but now the situation is changing, if human irresponsibility in this aspect continues, they will be the sufferer.

save nature, save nature's beauty


Modernization is the sign of human development, it is extremely important for the growth of human life. Abolishing natural resources, not safe guarding natural resources, not knowing importance of nature, will give shocking results within 20 to 30 years.

Vangary Mathai, man who spend his whole life in safe guarding natural resources and also protested against damaging of forest. He protected forest by gathering Kenya people under Green Belt Movement. He was given Noble Prize in the year 2004 for forest protection. He said people living in small planet as earth were spoiling it and so many years before human being, who lived in the earth harmed natural world, the world was destroyed by the human being on that period and same will happen if evils continues to the earth by man.

Lack of responsibility

World organization conducted Global warming session at Geneva and discussed about the Global warming and what are contribution given by people in spoiling the nature and how it can be controlled. Though meetings, awareness programmers’ are conducted in this issue, final result is not up to the mark. The main reason is that lack of individual responsibility and lack of Media’s responsibility media.

Every human should have social responsibility in saving natural resources, though many social activists are taking active steps to save environment, lack of individual responsibility leaves the environment uncared.

Media is occupying major part in today’s’ world where is brings the news to the people even from its nook corner. Media has turned as the powerful weapon these days. In this situation Media not paying attention on social interest, Media’s participation in creating environmental awareness in the society seems to be very low. If we talk about Tamil Cinema’s like Unnal Mudiyum Thambi, Peranmai, a few only shown the importance of Earth and safe guarding natural resources.

Programme related with this issue very few and some channel are hardly presenting programmes about environment and its importance. The individual responsibility of saving nature can be developed by media and it should understand by media.


Steps should be taken by each and every human being of the world to safe guard nature. Due to increase of population the space occupied by man is also increasing every day. The reason said by most of us is no space for planting trees. Even small pots can be used for growing plants and less rooted trees. Follow some habits to maintain natural resources in the earth.

Develop habit of celebrating special days like birthday or wedding day by planting at least one sapling.

If you are building new house, leave space for growing trees, grow trees as much as you can, even a small congested house can grow at least one tree.

Educate your kids with importance of nature and how to preserve them. Tell your children about the importance of nature by way of stories or use digital devices to aware the children about the earth and nature.
Don’t use plastics which pollute our environment maximum.

Use recyclable products which are natural and safe.

Mainly Media should take responsibility to make aware public about the necessity of keeping the nature your property earth.

Save Nature and Save World

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