Huge Bundles of Hawala Currency Seized in Chennai Railway Station

Last night one man was caught for having huge amount of currencies in hand in the Chennai central railway station. During scanning of passengers stuffs police has come to know that the man was having vast amount of pennies with him.

Following that, police and the security forces investigated the man. DSP Ponnuram and Inspector Shekar on investigating revealed that the man’s name is Syed Mohammed Sabeer(47) and his native is Keezhakari street in Ramanathapuram District.

Culprit claimed that he was working in the private plastic company in Parimunai at Chennai. He has told to his friend Salim that his monthly income is not sufficient to manage life. Mohammed’s friend Salim said I will teach a way to get more money.

Huge Bundles of Hawala Currency Seized in Chennai Railway Station

Salim gave a bag full of currencies and asked Mohammed to hand it over to the guy in Palakkad. Salim also said if he done this work, he will pay him more money. Desiring for money, Mohammed has took the bag and started to Palakkad in train. On the way, in Chennai Central railway station he was caught.

All huge bundles of Hawala currencies has been seized from the man. Bag contains 30 Lakh rupees full of Hawala currencies.

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