Idli Sambhar is the Most Nutritious Breakfast: Survey Report

3 Idlis, 1 cup of sambar, 1 tumbler of filter coffee it is the common traditional breakfast of Chennai and Tamilnadu people.

In the name of Indian Breakfast Study research has been conducted in the Metro cities in Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata.

In this research 3600 people between the age group of 8 o 40 participated. Based on their information, this survey report has been revealed. Sponsor of this research is Kellogs. Survey reports says,

All over India only one in 4 are skipping their breakfast.

Researched taken in 4 Metro places states,

Idli Sambhar is the Most Nutritious Breakfast: Survey Report

KOLKATTA: People in Kolkatta commonly eats Maida Puri as their breakfast. Only rich carbohydrates and less protein filled in that. Fiber source is nil. So, their breakfast seems to be unhealthy one.

DELHI and MUMBAI: People in Delhi and Mumbai consumes Paratha as their morning breakfast. It contains more oil and more carbohydrates. Both these ingredients in excess is totally unhealthy.

CHENNAI: Chennai people mostly switch to Idly and Sambar. Survey says, both Idly and Sambar is healthy and nutritious morning breakfast.

Dal and Vegetables in sambar gives more proteins and other essential vitamins. Idly which is made of rice and blackgram contains good source of carbohydrates and proteins. So, in the research it is revealed that Idly and Sambar is the most nutritious and healthy breakfast.

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