India and France United Against Terrorism: PM Modi

CHANDIGARH: Reiterating his commitment to fighting terror, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that ‘India and France stand united in fighting enemies of humanity’.

Speaking at India-France Business Summit here, PM Modi and French President Francois Hollande said that both countries have been victims of terror attacks and need to work together to prevent similar strikes in the future. “The day when Paris was hit by terror attacks, I had decided that the guest at Republic Day parade must be from France,” said PM Modi. “France has shown the way of combating terrorism without deviating from its principles and journey of progress.”

Modi also thanked Hollande for accepting the invitation to be the chief guest for the Republic Day parade and said that the two countries can collaborate for economic benefits as well. “India’s talent and France’s manufacturing can achieve a lot together,” said PM Modi.
India and France United Against Terrorism: PM Modi
“India’s skilled manpower can be a major source of strength. Our skilled manpower can bring down costs and improve quality. France has the resources. India has the need and the market.” Sixteen agreements on comprehensive and multisectoral partnership were also exchanged between the two countries during the event.

Hollande also expressed a keen desire to further improve ties with India. “I have confidence in the relationship with Narendra Modi,” said Hollande. “I want to consolidate strategic partnership with India and implement decisions taken during PM Modi’s visit to France.” [VIA]

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