Its just the Jail left for Tamils & Tamilian – Seeman

In front of Seeman, you can always see 4 to 5 of his mobile phones, which has ringtones of “En desathil mulaitha suriyaney….Prabhakaraa..” (you are the Sun grown in our Motherland, dear Prabhakaran..), “Thaayaga kanaviley saavinai thazhuviya sandhana pezhaigaley.. (War heros, you have hugged the death in dream of our Motherland..). Seeman’s mobile phones keep ringing with these ring tones earlier,“Konjam thadathil irunga thambi” (Please stay on the line, brother), he says and talks on the other line. Now, it is different and no such happenings.

In Vellore prison, he has been jailed for more than 4 months now under National Security Act (NSA). “If you kill my Tamil fishermen, we’ll pay back same to your students here” is what on Seeman’s speech that has put him in NSA act in jail. How is Seeman inside jail? What is the status of his case? Recently, his lawyers who have visited him in jail had given certain news about these.

They said, “..during last parliamentry elections, it was the same situation for him. He has been booked under NSA act and put behind bars. Then, it was not just Seeman but Kolathur Mani, Nanjil Sampath and others were also had been arrested with him under the same act. After a few days, court has released all of them saying that it was not appropriate for having been arrested them under NSA act.”

“Even now, if the case comes for hearing he will be released very soon. But Tamil nadu government has not taken any step to proceed this. Thus the hearing session keeps postponing. This is the scenario for the past four months. When we met him inside the jail, he has told this in a very pathetic mood.”

‘I have spoken for my Tamil fishermen who have been killed and attacked by Srilankan Navy in Rameshwaram. What is wrong in it? Two days before, the same thing was repeated. Rameswaram fishermen have been attacked by Srilankan Navy, nabbing and grabbing their fishing net and their fishes have been thrown back into the sea. Fishermen have been tortured. The atrocity continues. Till now, more than 500 fishermen have been killed by Sinhala Navy. Not even once, neither our Indian Army nor our military has taken any action to save our men. Have you gone to save our citizens or to play? If I talk this, will I harm the sovereignty?

Here we don’t have anything for Tamilians. We give holiday for Onam in Tamil nadu, we give leave for Ugadi. Our New Year, Tamil New Year is in the month of Thai, first day. Why don’t Kerala government or Andra government give leave in their states? Questioning this is Tamil terrorism? Whoever is against Tamils are loyal to Indian sovereignty. Whoever is loyal to Tamil or respects Tamil are Tamil terrorist? If I ask water in Cauvery, I’m against India’s integrity. They, not respecting the Supreme Court’s verdict, saying “we won’t give water”, is supportive to Indian integrity? To increase the height of Mullaiperiyar dam is against India’s integrity, to build another dam is supportive to India’s integrity? Which means, India and India’s sovereignty is always against Tamil and Tamilians?

Congress is ruling Andra Pradesh and Maharashtra. If it is true that a nationality exist here in this country, can Andra Pradesh’s Chief Minister will rule Maharashtra & vice versa? One country, One Party – Congress. Will it be possible? Definitely not possible because, this country is basically divided by states. All language based states have been ruled by their own citizens except Tamil nadu!

Earlier, how Dravidian parties were suppressed by then National party Congress, now National parties joined with Dravidian parties are not allowing us to grow and we have been suppressed. Tamil is a community, Tamils have their own sovereignty. These facts & truths have not been realised by Tamilian himself. We have all been divided & scattered by castes and communities. Jail is the only placed given to Tamils, which no one else can take away from us!’ Hearing all these angst and bursting speech from Seeman, it is well a fact that only his place is jail but his thoughts and aim are the same, without any doubt.

Seeman has been jailed under political prisoner’s section. Daily early morning gets up and does his exercise. With other inmate prisoners he discusses politics. As inside jail, all the leading daily newspapers & weekly magazines are available, he is reading those completely.

Regarding the upcoming parliamentry elections when asked, “He is not going to contest is coming elections. Since congress is our common rival, he is very strong in his stand to campaign against congress. It is the very duty of each and every Tamilian to defeat congress. Naam Tamilar party members have started to work out on this strategy!” added.

As published in Ananda Vikaten, 24.11.10

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