Jayam Ravi’s Christmas treat to his fans “Bhooloham”

The “Thani Oruvan” star Jayam Ravi’s “Bhooloham” starring Trisha in the lead role will be releasing this Thursday, December 24th. Jayam Ravi is into giving a Christmas treat, who has proved the saying, ‘Hard work always pays’. He has put his full effort into the upcoming flick “Bhooloham” produced by Oscar films in which he has played a tough role as a boxer.

During an interview to the media, Jayam Ravi said, he was hesitant when the Director, Kalyana Krishnan, came up with the character of boxer. But later on he dived into the challenge of taking up the role. He trained for months learning the body language and looks of a boxer. The actor added that he didn’t use body double putting his life into risk. He also avoided using ropes to get the realistic effects for the scenes.

Jayam Ravi in Boologam

The WWE wrestler and the “Mad Max Fury” star Nathan Jones performs the lead villain role in this commercial masala flick “Bhooloham”. The “Thani Oruvan” star is full of admires for Nathan Jones as he s rehearsing with him and praises his professionalism.

Jayam Ravi has gone through a tough phase throughout the shoot suffering from cuts, bruises, wounds, muscle and breath catches. During the climax shoot Jayam Ravi was supposed to duck when Nathan hits his head from behind. But the mike went off when the director was supposed to give the clue. So Jayam Ravi ended up taking the striking blow in his head. Hope all his efforts will come out with flying colors.

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