Kamal Haasan likely to Act in PK’s Tamil Remake

Recent blockbuster bollywood movie PK is to remake in Tamil. News about PK Tamil remake are waving everywhere in the Kollywood industry.

Aamir Khan played lead role in PK Hindi movie which is directed by Rajkumar Hirani.

Sources say Kamal Haasan is likely to play a lead role in PK Tamil remake. Where Kamal will be playing Aamir Khan’s role as in the Hindi PK film.

Till now, only very talented Actor Kamal Haasan has been finalized for the PK Tamil remake.

Kamal Haasan likely to Act in PK’s Tamil Remake

Gemini Productions has bought the remake rights legally for both Tamil and Telugu. Gemini Productions plans to rope in Kamal in PK Tamil and Telugu remake. It is said that PK Tamil and Telugu remake shoot will kick off in next couple of months probably in May.

As per sources, Director Shankar will be working for the film. And, PK Tamil, Telugu remake movie lead roles will be played by Kamal or Vikram or Vijay. It is yet to be finalized.

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