Karunanidhi Demands Not to Criticize America’s Resolution

DMK leader M Karunanidhi condemns the people who cause confusion in the resolution of America. He said Criticizing America’s resolution is unfair. He said America is the only nation that came up with a resolution against Srilanka in the Union Nation Human Rights Council going on in Geneva.


He complained that few people are criticizing the resolution taken by Srilanka. He stated that America’s resolution is important to act against Srilanka Government. He worried that TESO organization could not take decision in Srilankan issue in the Union Nation Session.

Therefore, he asked the people to express their support in the resolution taken by America and not to criticize it. He said its only America’s resolution that creates fear and swither for Srilanka Government. He demanded the people of Tamilnadu to support the resolution of America.

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