Karunanidhi Slams Jayalalitha over Srilankan issue

karunanidhi quit from UPA

Karunanidhi questioned Jayalalitha that how many number of days the ADMK political party concerned about the sufferings of Eelam Tamil people. He asks how Jayalalitha got a sudden knowledge spark regarding Srilankan issue.

When speaking regarding, this DMK leader says, there is a false assumption that if DMK left Congress in 2009, the Srilanka issue would have come to an end and Eelam Tamil people would have been saved. He said, as per the desire of Jayalalitha and others DMK has come out of Congress. He asked the solution for Tamil Eelam people. He questioned Jayalalitha if the Srilankan issue came to an end.

Karunanidhi questions why the resolution of America is not yet modified. Why the resolution has been diluted. He also pointed out the resolution he took in the year 1956 for Srilankan Tamils.

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