Kudankulam Power Production Gets Still Delay

Kudankulam power production which has faced much opposition still gets procrastinated. It is recently announced that the Kudankulam power production will get delayed. As there was a high anticipation that Kudankulam nuclear power project will get initiated by this month end, yet in progress to start. Indian nuclear power centre has announced to start their nuclear power plant production in this start of the month.

Kudankulam power production gets still delay

The first 1000MW(mega Watt) energized power plant has been in production from the last December 2012. At the end of the year the Indian Nuclear power centre has informed 99.7% of works completed well. Still now the nuclear centre fails to give the reason for this long delay.
Similarly it was said that the second nuclear plant production will be stated soon – till now no talks were there. With the help of Russian help nuclear power plant I was started successfully. It was also not completed and legally announced it will get delayed.

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