Landslide in Tibet: 83 Killed

Landslide that occurred in Tibet killed 83 miners. A landline occurred in a gold mind situated in Tibet. The miners worked there were killed. About 83 miners died in the landslide. The work of recovery of the dead bodies from the soil is going on.


The recovery work is getting delay and hard due to the climate and land structure prevailed there. The people are facing difficulty in recovering the dead bodies. The people including doctors and Police officers are involved in recovering dead bodies from the land slide.

More than 200 vehicles and 15 dogs are being used for rescue purpose. The landslide occurred suddenly from the mountain and the sand and rocks fell on the workers. The witnesses say most of them were trapped in the landslide.

However, the Government has ordered the officials of the country to find out the reason for the landslides occurred.

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