Lost movies because of PETA – Amy Jackson

While many new and experienced actress long for acting with Rajinikanth in 2.0, Shankar chose Amy Jackson. Shankar and Amy have already worked together in 2 movies. Amy had her peak time in Tollywood before Jallikattu protest in TN Many Tamil actor and actress supported the protest while Amy took the side of PETA. It is said that she even refused the request from Shankar to withdraw from PETA.

Amy has also gone for the recent photo shoot for PETA and is still a member. Shankar is totally worried as few people warned Amy by targeting 2.0.

Amy Jackson Lost most of movies because of PETA

Now she has lost her market in Tollywood industry and also in Bollywood. Now she is working in some Kannada movie at low pay. It is really surprising that she is still stubborn to let PETA go…

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