Madhan Karky’s open talk about “Baahubali”

The blockbuster movie “Baahubali” of south India had been a crown on his career for the famous lyricist and dialogue writer Madhan Karky. The movie has taken him to all new level of fame. Now the lyricist is working on the lyrics and dialogue writing of “Baahubali 2”. Madhan is also a part of the “2.0” team as a lyricist and co-dialogue writer. Recently Madhan Karky has recited a song as a tribute to “Baahubali” along with singer Smitha. It is called the, “Baahakilikki” song.

The “Baahakilikki” song is composed by musician Achu and performed by the pop singer Smitha. He has written the song lyrics in the Kilikki language he created for the Kalakeyas in “Baahubali”.

During a media meet Madhan Karky has revealed interesting news about his works in “Baahubali”. Talking about the evolution of the Kilikki languages for the Kalakeyas he said, “Rajamouli sir wanted a new language for the kalakeyas and I just started creating few words. Then I created 750 words and 40 grammar rules to write in this language. I suggested a song in kilikki language in the movie.

Baahubali 2 Story

But due to insufficient time Rajamouli sir denied it. But when Smitha called me and suggested for composing a song in Kilikki, I was thrilled. We decided to make the song as a tribute to “Baahubali”. The basic idea was to teach Kilikki language. Achu’s peppy music and Smitha’s dance had made it a total fun song. Hope the audiences will enjoy it”.

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