Man Cheated to Claim Govt Jobs – arrested

The man who cheated to claim Government jobs is arrested. The man cheated the public and received more millions of money by indulging in such fraud activities. The public by themselves handed over the culprit to the police.

There was a news, from the old vannarpettai the same man has cheated several millions worth cash from the public by telling them to get from in government sector. Also police received many complaints in Thiruvallur Chennai, and other areas more than 50 million rupees has been received by cheating.

Man-cheated to claim govt-jobs- arrested

In addition to this offense, he also indulged in fraudulent works like issuing the duplicate job order form. As a result, many people were looking for him to get him punished. The victims of this case trickily planned and caught the fraud man. Then the public took him immediately to the police station and charged him.

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