Manmohan Singh is not a Prime Minister: ‘Crime’ Minister

Kudankulam Struggle Committee says Manmohan Singh is not a Prime Minister, he is ‘Crime Minister’. Kudankulam protesters who are speeding their protestation against this have severally criticized Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Kudankulam struggle committee says that Manmohan Singh has failed to ensure the nuclear safety of India. Also, this committee says he is supporting U.S. Companies to establish their mega nuclear reactor project in Gujarat. Committee says Prime Minister is favoring of U.S. companies. Now, He has brought the nuclear accident compensation law which is seems to be unfair.

Manmohan Singh is not a Prime Minister: 'Crime' Minister

Because of this, multinational companies who involve in the event of a nuclear accident can easily escape like, Union Carbide Founder Warren Anderson escaped in the leakage of poisonous gas at Bhopal.

Kudankulam struggle committee also questioned that Manmohan Singh is a Prime Minister of India or United States, Russia, France or any other country? and said Manmohan Singh is not a Prime Minister and criticized him as ‘Crime Minister’

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