Maximum Votes To America’s Resolution

Voting has been conducted by the Union Nation Human Rights Session in Geneva on the Resolution of United States against the war crimes and human rights violation adopted by Srilankan Government.


The countries of Union Nation Session, participated the voting session. Among 47 countries in the Union Nation Human Rights session, 26 countries including India support the resolution of United States. And 13 countries voted against the resolution. The maximum support goes to the resolution submitted by America in the Union Nation session.

Discussion is to be conducted on the resolution of America today in the Union Nation session. The Session is to make modifications in the resolution. It is informed that the revised copy of the resolution will be submitted and distributed to the other countries.

The countries of Union Nation session expressed their opinions on the modifications in the resolution. And later, the voting has been conducted in the session. India, America, Austria, Argentina, Brazil, Sili, Kot thiver, Benin, Libya, Syria, Lyon, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Estonia, Maandi Nikro, Poland, Maldives, Romania, Peru, Korea, etc supported the resolution taken by United States against Srilanka.

On the other hand, countries like Pakistan, kango, Mauritania, Uganda, Indonesia, Kuwait, Philippines, Thailand, etc opposed the resolution.

Few other countries like Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Angola etc, did not participate the voting. They stand in middle neither supporting the resolution, nor opposing it.

Totally there are 47 countries in the Union Nation session. Among them, 26 countries votes were registered in support to the resolution of America, 13 votes were registered opposing the resolution and 8 countries stood in the middle.

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