Mobile Phone Recorded Mumbai Journalist Gang Rape Missing

Recently, Mumbai female journalist gang rape case was waving like wild fire in the country. Young 23 year old girl was who working as photo journalist went to a mill (Shakti Mills) at night 8pm with a male colleague was raped by 5 member gang in Mumbai last week.

Regarding this case, Mumbai police have arrested all the 5 members in the gang who involved in the gang rape.

In this stage, on intensifying the investigation process police are searching for the strong evidences. Victim girl (Photo journalist) who is in the hospital reported that gang rape was recorded in the mobile.

Mobile Phone Recorded Mumbai Journalist Gang Rape Missing

The main evidence of this journalist gang rape case is Mobile Phone where culprits have recorded the gang rape. Police on investigation came to know that criminals have sold the mobile phone in Delhi.

Mobile Phone recorded Mumbai Journalist gang rape was Missing. Now, Policemen are actively looking for the mobile phone.

Last evening Salim Ansari – 5th culprit in this case was arrested and he also agreed that rape has been shooted in the mobile phone. He said that mobile phone has been sold in Delhi market as he was in need of money.

Special quad has been appointed for searching the mobile phone which is the most important evidence in this Mumbai journalist gang rape case.

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