Modi: If Women Feel Unsafe, We Shouldn’t Call ourselves Mard

If mothers and sisters living in this country feels unsecured, it shameful for all men says Narendra Modi. In the state of Gujarat newly Chota Udaipur district has been created. The district people have organized a meeting to thank Modi.

Narendra Modi Speech at the meeting

This is the nation where Sita and Savitri lived. But, today security of our mothers, sisters and daughters is the biggest question mark. I did not say this for politics.

When we are out of home, our sisters and daughters staying alone at home feels unsafe and unsecured. Why is this plight? If this situation continues, there’s no point for us to be called as men.

Modi: If Women Feel Unsafe, We Shouldn't Call ourselves Mard

Even, we don’t have deserve the state of husband. We can even die than leaving women in this situation. Some people are saying, sexual violence against women are happening only by women. Women are not the reason for this. Men who have cheap thought is the reason.

To fight against such stupid thought in men, all people should come forward. The portraying women in bad manner and using them in a wrong way remains as irremovable stain for long period. Its is the right time to fight for removing such stains on women said Modi in the speech.

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