Modi Trichy Ilam Thamarai Maanadu 2013: Bulletproof Stage Set

Trichy: Coming September 26, ‘Ilam Thamarai Maanadu 2013’ has been scheduled at Trichy. On behalf of Bharatiya Janata Party, meeting is to be attended for targeting youngsters. As this meeting is targeting youngsters, it named as Ilam Thamarai Maanadu.

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, BJP president Rajnath Singh, including the party’s senior leaders are expected to attend the conference. Recently, news leaked that Senior BJP leader Advani who initially opposed Modi’s PM candidate selection now planning to attend Trichy Modi Meeting. Along with them, many BJP leaders are participating. So, intensified efforts are taken to strengthen the security at the place of meeting.

Modi Trichy Ilam Thamarai Maanadu 2013: Bulletproof Stage Set

Modi is to be given special protection. In this case, Modi will reach Trichy in a private plane and from airport to meeting stage, he will travel in a bullet-proof car. Also, meeting stage is set with bullet-proof and several other security measures are undergoing in Trichy.

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