More than 10,000 Tamils have Assembled in London Against War Criminals

War crime suspect Mahinda Rajapaksa with his team had arrived in London earlier this week. Though his visit to London was not a much preplanned schedule it was not a harder task for Tamils in Britain to assemble at Heathrow Airport to show their protest against the war criminals & demanding to arrest him and other responsible persons with him involved in war crime.

“Over seven thousand Tamil expatriates and others braved the snow falls inundating Britain this week to crowd Park Lane, where The Dorchester is located, to demand Sri Lankan officials be prosecuted for war crimes, while hundreds more filled the short street in front of the High Commission.” – Reports

Several thousand demonstrators have gathered in front of the The Dorchester (where Rajapakse stayed), carrying placards and hundreds of Tamil Eelam flags, and chanting slogans denouncing President Rajapakse and his regime. Despite unusual low temperature, cold and snowfall; more than 10,000 protesters have gathered in the demonstration.

Later, President Rajapska’s address to the Oxford Union, which the society canceled at the last minute amid expected mass protests in the university town. With the fear of arrest by Britain police for the war crime by President of Srilanka and his regime, the team has moved back to Srilanka shortening their agenda.

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