Nazriya Nazim to pair with Mammootty Son “Dulquar Salman”

Mammootty’s son “Dulquar Salman” is a famous and lead actor in Malayalam. He is performing in one of the Tamil film for the first time. In this film, Nazriya Nazim is pairing with Mammootty Son “Dulquar Salman”. Now, Dulquar Salman and Nazriya is acting in the Malayalam Film “Salala Mobiles”

Nazriya Nazim to pair with Mammootty Son "Dulquar Salman"

Mammooty Son and Nazriya

This film is to be directed by Balaji Mohan whose first film is Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi. As this film moved well in the box office, more expectation are there among audience for his upcoming films.

Balaji Mohan is to introduce Mammootty’s son Dulquar Salman as hero in this film. Nazriya is pairing as heroine. Balaji says both hero and heroine has signed the film. Currently I am busy in searching name and other technicians for the film. Soon We’ll arrive at shooting of the film.

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