New committee of BJP: No Senior Leader in Team

BJP leaders committee formed, new committeee formed by BJP

In the new of crew of BJP, Senior leader’s including Yaswanth Singa and some other was not placed. The new committee of BJP announces by Raj Nath sing. In the present state of the contest,overall Chief Ministers of state only Narendra Modi is is placed in the parliamentary Board.

The imperative leaders Najma Habadhulla, Hema Malini, Santhkumar were removed from the party. Yaswath Singa, Vasanthra Raja was not given role in any group of the committee. The chief spokesman Ravi Shankar prasath was also removed from the post. The new list was made to give importance, to the representatives all state, said by the leader of BJP.
While raised question about the new committee the spokesman Prakash Juvadagar told that, BJP is truly maintaining internal party democracy. For the past few days Rajnath singh consulted with all the party and drawn the final list. The list has the names of the representatives from all the states.

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