Nirbhaya’s Father Upset for Leaking her Name in BBC Video

Delhi gang-rape victim also called as Nirbhaya case is taking new turns and twists now. Nirbhaya’s family is seriously upset for leaking their daughter’s name in the BBC documentary video.

Nirbhaya’s family warning the authorities to take necessary legal actions on them.

Nirbhaya’s father says ‘We have clearly told them not to publicize photo and name of my daughter’. Inspite of that, BBC documentary video contains my daughter’s name which seriously upsets us to the core.

Nirbhaya's Father Upset for Leaking her Name in BBC Video

Nirbhaya’s Parents

British filmmaker Leslee Udwin is directing the documentary. Where Nirbhaya’s father told Leslee to not to put unoffensive statements said by rapist Mukesh [bus driver who gang raped Nirbhaya by six men on December 16, 2012]

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