No More Water Supply to TN: Chief Minister Shettar

No More water supply to TN, All party degates meet No more Water will be provided to Tamil Nadu, respecting the Supreme Court order water opened to TN, even though water scarcity is there in Karnataka state. In this current scenario no more water will be supplied to TN, said Jagadesh Shetter. Requesting not to notify the final award of cavery water disputes tribunal, under the head of Chief Minister an all-party delegation from Karnataka is meeting Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today at his firm. A committee comprised of Members of parliament, Central Ministers and Opposition party leaders of Karnataka are meeting PM. To insist the Government not to take such steps as heavy water scarcity and drought is there in the Karnataka state said Shettar. The Supreme Court is ordered, the Central Government to notify cavery water tribunal final order before Feb 20.

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