No Subsidized Cooking Gas For Taxpayers Above 10 Lakh Annual Income

As per the declaration of Government today, taxpayers whose income is above 10 lakh per annum won’t be able to avail subsidized cooking gas cylinder. They will be paying the market price for the LPG gas cylinders.

Presently the consumers are provided with 12 cylinders per year in subsidized rate. The cylinders if exceeds the count should be bought in market price.

Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas, Dharmendra Pradhan in his tweet said, ‘Government has decided that consumers with taxable income above Rs. 10 lakh per year will not get LPG subsidy from January 2016’.

In his other tweet he said, ‘This is as per the policy of present Government that subsidy shall only be given to poor people who need it the most’.

Restriction in Subsidy for LPG

In India there are about 16 crore LPG consumers. According to an official report, out of them 57 lakh consumers have given up their subsidy for the poor as a result of ‘give it up’ campaign by the Government.

The Prime Minister has requested all the MLAs, MPs, ministers, IAS and IPS officers, professors and professional to give up their subsidy for the poor.

Prime Minister Modi during a meet in Bengaluru said that if one crore people gave up their subsidy it will help one crore people still suffering in smoke using fuels like wood and cow dung. Every give up of subsidy helped a poor to get new gas connection.

Due to heavy slash of global fuel prices, the price difference between the subsidized and non-subsidized LPG cylinder has come down lately. The price of subsidized cylinder is Rs.417.82 and that of non-subsidized cylinder is Rs.606.50 per 14.2 kg.

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