Nokia to launch 2 – versions of Lumia at affordable price

Buying a smart phone will the strong desire of most youngsters. It is at the reachable height. Majority of the people think smart phones comes with huge price tag. Yes, it is the obvious known truth. Nokia is yet to set a new style in offering the customers ultra modern smart phones.It is very surprising to hear Nokia is planning to unveil the 2-versions of Lumia smart phones at affordable prices

Nokia to launch 2 - versions of Lumia at affordable price

Nokia’s newly launched windows based smart phone named Lumia is on hot move in India. Nokia is in idea of reducing Lumia prices in India says the VP of Nokia Mr.ShivaKumar. The windows based smart phone which has fabulous features are highly welcomed by the smart phones buyers.

Nokia is yet to launch the affordable Windows Phone 8-based smart phones, namely Lumia 520 and 720. It is said that it covers almost all the amazing features like any smart has. It is designed brilliantly. 2 – Versions of Lumia named Lumia 520 and Lumia 720 which are yet to hit the stores at the affordable will certainly surprise any smart phone potential buyers.

The twin versions of Lumia – Lumia 710 and 510 are priced at Rs 13,000 and Rs 10,000 in India. This seems to be affordable price when comparing the price tag of the other branded smart phones. The reviews and customer rating of these twin versions of Lumia will be known only after some days of its launch.

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