One Tablet for All Heart Related Problems: New Research

Here is a happy news to all who suffer from heart related diseases. Researchers reported that one tablet for all heart related problems. For Blood pressure, to prevent stroke in the night and for all coronary heart problems no need to take medicines separately.

Researchers are giving confidence that no need to take more tablets for heart diseases. Generally patients who take lots of tablets sometimes forget to take tablets due to forgetfulness. Also, skipping tablets will produce side-effects. So, researchers conducted research and found out one tablet for all heart related problems.

Based on this research, the researchers have developed a new drug. As this single tablet is capable of doing function of many drugs it is named as ‘Polypill‘. Experiments have been carried out in Europe and India and the results of the experiment are satisfied by all the researchers. In this research popular Indian medical education institutions AIIMS, Chandigarh PGIMER, global healthcare Institute has taken part.

This ‘Polypill’ drug plan was carried on behalf of the Imperial College in London and drug program has been implemented at Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories. Polypill tablet is the mixture of Aspirin and Statin where these 2 drugs actively help to reduce blood pressure.

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