Opposing Srilanka: Courts Boycott in Puducherry and Tamilnadu

The Union Nation Human Rights Commission has been ongoing in Geneva. The pictures and the video clips released by Channel 4 bringing to light the War crimes committed by Srilankan Army created disbelief on Srilanka.

America is to decide on this issue on 22nd day of this month. In this case, demanding justice for the tamilians suffered in Srilanka the District Courts of Tamil Nadu and Srilanka involved in boycott the whole day.


Advocates of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry involved in protest today boycotting the Court insisting the Indian Government to support America in taking decision against Srilanka and take action against Rajapakshe and the Srilankan Army for their cruel behavior on Balachandiran Prabakaran, Srilanka Tamilians and LTTE Members.

The advocated involved in protest locking the gates of Court in High Court, Madurai Branch. They demand Indian Government to bring Srilanka before the International Court. The UN session have to send teams to the affected area of Srilanka and voting have to be gathered from Northern Srilanka.

However, the 17 Tamil Organizations decided to besiege the Srilanka Embassy Complex in Chennai. Vaiko, General Secretary of MDMK and Pazhaniyappan Nedumaran, India’s Tamil National Movement Leader and well known supported of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are participating the protest. Public meeting has been planned near Loyola College. Changes are made in transportation on account of meeting and protestation.

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