Philippines Ship Collision: Death Toll Rises to 71

Death toll rises to 71 in the Philippines ship collsion which happenend in the central island of Cebu.
Last Friday, Sulpicio Express 7 a Cargo ship collided on the St. Thomas Aquinas passenger ship.

In the passenger ship hole has formed and sank in the sea. In this ship collision incident death rate has risen to 71. And the status of 40 people in the collided ship are not yet known.

Philippines Ship Collision Accident: Death Toll Rises to 71

So far including passengers and ward boys 750 people were recovered. Recovery work is affected due to bad weather says Philippine Coast Guard on Monday.

Sea rescue team entered into sea yesterday morning at 5.30. But due to bad weather rescue efforts have been halted temporarily at 10am said the Navy spokesman Gregory Gerald to reporters.

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