Poster War on in Coimbatore Over Encounter Killing of Driver

Coimbatore:(Nov 14) The encounter killing of cab driver Mohana Krishnana, who allegedly abducted and murdered two school children in Coimbatore, is turning into a poster battle in Coimbatore. Posteres hailing the police for the encounter killing were plastered across tthe city by cab drivers and members of the public over the last two days. Now, the posters condemning the Chennai based advocate who filed a Public Interest Litigation in the Madras high court against the encounter killing have appeared on the city walls. Curiously, the posters described the advocates opposing the encounter killings as “pro-naxal.”

The posteres, which claimed to have been pasted by “public and lawyers,” listed the names and mobile phone numbers of the advocates who had staged a protest on the courty complex in Coimbattore condemning the encounter killing. The posters urged the public to “boycott” these advocates who they claimed were “fake human rights activists.”

In teh PIL, advocate P Pugazhendi claimed that the encounter was pre-planned ad demanded that the police inspector and sub-inspector who gunned down the cab driver on November 9 should face rial on murder charges. “I will inform the court about the posters that have appeared in city condemning me.” Pugazhendi insisted.

Meanwhile, the city police commissioner C Sylendra Babu said the police was probing into the source of these posters.

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