Preferance for Tamil Medium in Jobs, bill Okayed

Chennai:(Nov 14) The state assembly on Friday passed a bill to provide preference in recruitment by the government and state-owned entities to those who had studied in Tamil medium. Law minister Duraimurugan, replying to a brief debate on the bill, termed it “the Magna Carta” of Tamil learners. It was a historic legislation that would accord due place to those who had pursued their education through Tamil, he said. The bill replaced an ordinance promulgated earlier.

The assembly also amended the Town and Country Planning Act to regulate development in areas other than those that come under planning areas with a view to conserving wetlands in the sate.

It says development on such lands would require prior concurrence of he district collector. It would also regulate the conversion of wetlands for other uses. It also provides for action against unauthorized developers.

The house replaced ordinances with bills, including one that will stop the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CDMA) from demolishing nearly 1.7 lakh unauthorised buildings in Chennai metropolitan area for one more year.

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