Protest against Srilanka on March 4: Vaiko

Vaiko protest against Srilanka

MDMK Leader Vaiko announced protest all over Tamil Nadu against Srilanka Government on March 4, 2013 for killing younger son of Prabakaran namely Balachandiran without courtesy.

He reported that the pictures of Balachandiran in the custody of Srilankan Army and the death of the young boy with five bullets pierced his chest released by Channel 4 horrified the people of Tamil Nadu. He also said that the channel 4 is yet to release more videos on the War crime of the Srilankans.

Condemning this act of Srilanka Government, lakhs of migrant Tamilians are about to make protest in front of the Union Nation in Geneva on march 4. He announced strike on the same day all over Tamil Nadu for the Tamilians who are suffering in the hands of Srilanka and disapproving the War crimes of Srilanka Government.

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