“Puli” Vs “Paayum Puli” – Vijay Vs Vishal!

Nowadays it is becoming difficult to give a title for the movie with respect to its story! Even the story can be made unique from the existing films. In recent times keeping the movie titles with the old hit films’ titles has become a fashion. At the same time some have even started the keeping the title as a competition to the other movie title.

Recently actor SivaKarthikeyan’s film “Kakki Chattai” had come with the same title as the old movie of Kamal Hasan’ in 1980s. They had taken the permission and kept the same title for the movie. There was also an information that they have paid in lakhs to get the movie title!

Rajini kanth’s film titles have been kept as such. Sometimes it was redefined. And his films were even done with remakes. “Billa”, “Thillu Mullu” films had been done with remakes.

Now actor Vishal’s new film has been given the title “Paayum Puli” which is directed by Suseendran. The title had been taken from Rajinikanth- Radha film with the title in 1983. It had been officially announced.

On one side there is film with title “Puli” of actor Vijay is getting ready. The other side there is a film with title “Eli” is getting ready with actor Vadivelu. On the other side this film of Vishal’s with the tirle “Paayum Puli” has been kept.

Vijay Vs Vishal

It all seems like they are keeping the title against one another! But everybody knows that keeping a sensational title for the movie is more important!

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