Rahul Gandhi met Kanimozhi: DMK – DMDK Congress Alliance

Congress Vice-president Rahul Gandhi recently met DMK Chief Karunanidhi’s daughter Kanimozhi and had talks about Lok Sabha elections. Sources says they discussed about DMK – DMDK Congress alliance in Tamil Nadu for the coming Lok Sabha election.

Regarding this, Rahul Gandhi conducted a unpublicly meeting with Kanimozhi in his home in Delhi. In this meeting, Rahul Gandhi had discussed with Kanimozhi that along with DMK – Congress alliance, if we add DMDK it will strength our party in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Rahul Gandhi met Kanimozhi: DMK - DMDK Congress Alliance

Kanimozhi refused to give any information about this meeting to press reporters. But, Kanimozhi’s supporters say its a normal meeting they have not discussed about political matters. After this Rahul Gandhi and Kanimozhi meeting, Rahul Gandhi has sent birthday wishes to Vijayakanth on Aug 25th. It is most expected that DMK – Congress – DMDK is going form a alliance to win in this upcoming Lok Sabha election.

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