Rain Started Again in utharakhand: Rescue Operations Delayed

Rain Starts Again in utharakhand: Rescue Operations Delayed

More than 10 thousand people were stranded in the different places at Utharakhand. In this situation re- arrival of rain has highly affected recovery process. Even one week after the occurrence of landslides and flood still rescue operations is not yet completed. Up to now nearly 80 thousand people were saved though airway and roadway. Still 10 thousand members were not rescued from the Badrinath and kedarnath areas. Due the worst weather and disconnection of roadways by flood problem occurred in rescuing those people. Re-arrival of rain in those areas from yesterday evening greatly affected the rescue operations.

Utharakhand Disaster Management Department Minister Yashpal Ariya inspected the landslide damaged areas; he said that Kedarnath areas are highly affected. He said that more than 5 thousand people are likely to have dead in the flood and landslides. Today all will be rescued in the Kedarnath area assured Utarakhand Government. Likewise in Himachal Pradesh also rescue operations are carried over to save the tourists in some parts of Kinner district.

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