Resolution Against Srilanka

The United Nation Human Rights Council going on in Geneva got an International Significance. Channel 4 released pictures and videos of the War Crime committed by Srilanka in the Final War between the Srilankan Army and Tamil Tigers.


Srilakan Government made their objection stating that they have not adopted any Human Rights Violation in the Final War and the pictures and documentary released by Channel 4 is concoction and are not true. But, the Human Rights session of Geneva expressed the hope that, these evidences are enough to take action against Srilanka.

America came forward to make resolution against Srilanka. Various countries express their support to the resolution taken by America. But India is yet not showing interest in this regard. In fact, the resolution has to be taken by India against Srilanka. It is sad to note that India is not even showing its support when others do it.

The main features of the resolution are, United States, insisted Srilanka to implement the recommendations of Reconciliation Commission. It ordered the Srilankan Government to take legal action to ensure justice, equality, harmony and legal procedures to all the people of Srilanka.

Finally, the United States insisted the United Nation Human Rights Commissioner to submit the report regarding the violation of International laws and the doings of Srilanka Government regarding the necessary action called for by the resolution, on 25th Meeting of the Council.

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