Road Accident in Tamilnadu

Everyday road accidents are increasing in Tamilnadu. The vehicles are becoming more in number, congestion at roadsides and road accidents are also increasing. According to statistics of report titled Accidental Death and Suicides in India (ADSI 2011), prepared by the National Crime Records Bureau, Chennai has recorded the highest number of road accidents. The number is a staggering 9,845 cases in the year 2011. This is the highest among 53 cities in the country last year, and has almost doubled from 2010 when 5,123 road accidents were recorded.

In India, Tamil Nadu is the first place where more road accidents are happening. How to overcome Road Accidents? As vehicle congestion is becoming more and number of road accidents is increasing day by day. What is the reason for the road accidents and How to avoid road accidents? It not only issue for the Government, we the public should be more aware of it.

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Reason for the Road Accidents

No awareness about traffic rules. Many of us only learn to ride Vehicle and not learning the rules which is a main thing. The children’s and students of schools and colleges should be made known about the rules. Learning, necessity of going slow, where to parking of vehicle, using one way and two ways accordingly are the solutions to reduce road accidents.

Steps to be followed to avoid accidents

Some of the steps as suggestion given below to avoid accidents and maintain Road Safety

Go slow and stop accident

Riding two wheeler with high speed is becoming a passion for the youngsters, without understanding the danger, they are doing it for fun. They should be thought to ride the vehicles in normal speed by the parents, in teaching place, in society. Going slow is safety for their own life and life of others.

Vehicle Parking

Parking the vehicle in the appropriate places is must, in congested road if this kind of rules is not followed, accident will be unavoidable. Don’t park at “no parking” area as it would become a reason for accident.

Know the Traffic Rule

Traffic rule should be known well to all of us, because not only by the two wheeler and four wheeler riders accident is crop up. Some time street walker who is walking in wrong path will become a reason for accident. Awareness to follow the traffic has to be given through practical learning.

Stop talking in Mobile while traveling:

In current situation the reason for most of the accident case is mobile. Though much information related to “non usage of mobiles while driving” is circulated to the public, still people are there who is not following it.


The mobile phone companies can attach a caution sticker telling “Don’t use while driving”.
The mobile usages in driving if witnessed have to be fined

Riding cycle is best option

Motor Vehicles are mainly used for our convenience; riding cycle will be a best option in possible cases. Walk to nearest places that are good for health. Use, less congested paths instead of highly congested roads. If some of us follow riding cycle in comfortable cases the road congestion can be decreased merely.

Help to minimize pollution

Usage of cycle will minimize pollution; currently many world organizations is much worrying about Global warming, at this situation usage of cycle will not only improve health, save money, save fuel and it also helps to minimize pollution.

Follow suggestions of Traffic

Wearing helmet, non usage of mobile at riding, be alert crossing the roads etc.

Not only above said reasons are the cause for road accidents even more are there. Self guarding is the only way to avoid accidents, if everyone worried about their safety, then “Road Safety” will be maintained and number of accidents can be reduced. Apart from individual measures the Government has to take steps to expand the roads, give awareness on road safety to all level of age groups.

Suggestion: Before issuing license a few hours class has to be taken, to know the full details Traffic rule.

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