Samsung to Unveil Galaxy Note 8.0

Samsung electronics is yet to launch grand Galaxy note 8.0 within few months. As the apple launched its mini ipad on last November hit consumers well. To give the best competitor Samsung is to launch galaxy note 8.0 with the size of 8 inch screen.

Samsung to unveil Galaxy Note 8.0

The official price of the Galaxy note 8.0 is not yet fixed. The Samsung is planning to launch Galaxy note 8.0 in the month April to June. Galaxy note 8.0 will occupy the most premium place in Samsung’s line up of pen-enabled smart phones.

Comparing with the apple, ipad screen is 7.9 inch, and it doesn’t provide any devices to optimize the touch screens. Whereas, Samsung has designed the galaxy note 8.0 with 8 inch screen with stylus devices to access the screen with.

Galaxy note 8.0 is highly expected to blast the market with the hi-classic design and many prominent features in it comparatively

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