Tomato Juice to Stop Mosquitoe Biting

Here is one amazing secret about tomato juice! As like human population increase, mosquitoes population are also increasing and troubling us in many ways. Especially, excessive mosquito biting leaves us in dengue fever, skin rashes and allergies.

One scientist in earlier days has found a amazing solution to tackle with the mosquito bites. He was continuously troubled by mosquitoes so one day he viewed mosquito through lens. He has found that mosquito have a chemical inside its body that signals mosquitoes its stomach is full and no space to drink blood.

He wondered on seeing that same natural chemical substance present in Tomatoes. Then, he researched it 100 people. He applied tomato juice on the hands and legs of 90 people and left 10 people just.

What a surprise? Mosquitoes are biting those 10 people to the most and no mosquitoes came near to that 90 people who has applied tomato juice on their skin.

Instead of using chemical mosquito coils, mosquito repellent creams and liquid refill mat machines, natural tomato juice essence can be applied on skin to prevent us from mosquito biting.

Applying tomato juice on skin not only act as mosquito repellent juice, it also keeps skin healthy, prevents sun tan, improves skin color and gives good care to skin. Use fresh tomato juice everyday. Be free from mosquitoes and live healthy.

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