Series Car Bomb Blast: 26 Killed in Iraq

On Sunday, a series of Car Bomb Blast exploded in Iraq, killed more than 26 people and many got injured. The car blast attack occurred in the capital Baghdad. The attack is targeted on hotels and other shopping areas where people gather together.

Iraq car Bomb blast

The first car exploded was parked in front of a Business organization in Kaayira. Next to it, the car parked in a shopping area in Kaarada got exploded. In such a way, a series of bomb blast attacked Iraq. The officials say that the attack was well planned and well coordinated. The number of people got injured in this Bomb blast has raised to more than 130.

And, on Saturday Gen Ali Aouni, the head of Iraq Defense Ministry’s Intelligence Academy and his two bodyguards were killed by a suicide bomber. He is believed to be the most senior Iraqi Military Officer.

No Terrorist Movement claimed responsibility for this act yet. Last year, more than 100 people were killed in Suicide Bomber attack. In 2006 and 2007 more than 10000 people were killed. The Officials are Investigating regarding the blast and people behind this deadly violent act.

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