Shortage of Water: Wildlife suffers in Mettupalayam

Animals suffers water lackage

The symptoms of drought are started to seen. Due to lack of Water in the forest, the number of animals coming to village is being increasing.

Mettupalayam is a taluk of Coimbatore, located in the foot hills of Nilgiri hills about 38 km north of downtown Coimbatore. Many wild animals like elephant, tiger, cheetah, bear, and deer have been wandering around the forest area of Mettupalayam. The disappointment of monsoon this year leads to shortage of water irrigation. Wildlife are also didn’t escape this shortage.

Metupalayam forest region, that connect Karnataka and Kerala forest region is lacking water in fountain, lake and in other sources. All the water resources of the forest are dried out. Thus, this increases wild animals entering villages.

In order to avoid fear of people belong to those nearby area and for the benefit of the Wildlife, the Forest Department establish Artificial Water tanks in the forest and the number of animals seeking this are gradually increasing.

The people near the forest area request the Forest Department to increase the number of Artificial Water tanks in order to avoid entry of animals in their village and for the sake of animals too.

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